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~ British, Commonwealth & Allied Knives ~

For Sale

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 British, Commonwealth & Allied Knives For Sale

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An Interesting So-Called ‘See-Through’ Gripped Fighting Knife

Price: $600

Ref: 8105

A Massive John Ek No1 Shop Display Commando Knife

Price: $760

Ref: 8134

Swagger Stick With Hidden Dagger (aka ‘swagger-dagger’)

Price: $344  Open To Offers

Ref: 9008

A Pair Of Military Folding Knives - Camillus & Schrade

Price: $330

Ref: 9817

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Knives For SaleFairbairn_Sykes_Fighting_Knives_For_Sale.html
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A Massive John Ek No6 Shop Display Commando Knife

Price: $760

Ref: 8135

~ Below Are Just A Few Examples Of Items Previously Sold ~