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In the first instance please email me to confirm that the items is still available for sale.  If it has the red ‘for Sale’ icon (shown left) then it is almost certainly available but it sometimes takes me a few minuets to update the website to reflect at item has sold.  This website does not have automatic e-commerce  option, so let’s do this the traditional way and talk about your next purchase.

~ Buy With Confidence ~


Greetings fellow knife enthusiasts.  My name is Roy Shadbolt and I have had a lifelong passion for knives.  Originally from Britain I now make my home in the wonderful US state of Arizona.  Researching, writing and dealing specifically in the original F-S Fighting Knife has been my full time occupation for over fourteen years and I believe that I am the only dealer worldwide who can claim this.

I inherited my first F-S Knife way back in the early 1970’s and started seriously collecting them around three decades ago.  I have likely owned more important and rare variations of the F-S Knife, including the Wilkinson First Pattern than perhaps anyone in modern times, so my knowledge and experience is extensive.  Whether you are an experienced collector looking for that elusive F-S Knife or just starting out, I’m here to help and assist you in any way I can.  If you have a knife to sell and are interested in consigning it with me, whether a single example or whole collection, then let’s chat about what’s possible.  With over four hundred clients in more than two dozen countries, my contacts are extensive and likely unparalleled.


The easiest and safest way to pay for any purchase if via PayPal.  This is my preferred payment method for overseas client who are outside of the US mainland, however direct bank transfer is available on larger purchased and if this is your preference, please contact me for details and availability.  All payment are to be paid in US Dollars only please.  If you are within the US then I am also happy to accept a check or money order.  Please note I do not accept; debit/credit cards or international money orders for payment.


For shipping I charge a standard fee based on US Post Office costs.  This is based on shipping one F-S type knife.  These flat rates rarely cover the full cost but do go some way to offsetting my overall packing/shipping costs.  Larger knives and/or special shipping requirements will be charged accordingly.  Your new treasure will always be carefully packed, so it reaches you in the condition you expect.  Proof of shipping will be provided but please note once it is in the postal system I cannot be liable for any loss, damage or customs issues.  If you wish extra postal services, this can be arranged at your cost.  However and all that said, in over ten years of shipping worldwide I have never lost a single F-S knife to either the postal system or customs.

You can access knives offered for sale via the navigation bar at the top of this page.  Please e-mail me if you would like to be included on my contacts list and receive regular updates to the website.  Also please consider supporting this website by visiting My Patreon Page, all patrons get and early notification of any knife offered for sale as well as having access to my Patrons wants list.

Cheerio and happy collecting,


Wherever you see this icon, you can click on it for more information.  This is most often encountered in the For Sales sections to direct you the dedicated page of the item you are interested in.


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Knives For Sale

Please consider supporting my research, writing and website via Patreon or by direct donation.

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As collectors we have all been there, just not enough spare cash for that really special item.  For those higher value items it’s often possible to work out a payment plan.  Please contact me for more details.